Goto Believe

About Us

Your favorite Pinoy Go-to comfort food with a modern twist

How we started

Serving Best Goto with a unique taste since 2017

True to any of Goto Believe’s bowl of goodness, the story behind our conceptualization is full of color, diversity and eureka moments. The road to Goto Believe, and its pop-culture reference to the classic Rico Yan-Claudine rom-com flick, came together following an after-work conversation among a group of creatives when a question boiled down to “How to elevate the Pinoy dish of Goto to something gourmetish?”

Driven by a motivation to change the perception on Goto—aka the pinoy congee—as a sickly person’s comfort food or a student’s choice of meal at the end of their monthly allowance (not to mention a certain barangay kapitana’s bad take on goto as “non-essential food”), Goto Believe’s founder the Santiago siblings dug deep from their youngest brood Sandra’s Pinoy street-food fixation to come up with a bowl of Goto that best represent the delectable manner of how Pinoys want to enjoy their food: which is to have a feast or a party even with a single plate or bowl. 

In creating the brand of Goto Believe, Sandra incorporated some of our favorite staple street-food items such as isaw, tuwalya, taba ng baka, the 6-minute boiled egg, chicharon ng bulaklak and more, as options for a variety of topping combinations, and matched it with an atmosphere that screams of good vibing, and a laid-back but fun dining, 

Similar to some of the most successful musical artists today that started out as garage bands, Goto Believe began as a garage kitchen in the Santiago’s family home in Mandaluyong in July 2017. 

During the early days of our operation there were days when our only customers were close friends and the always full-packed carinderia across the street who would order rice from us whenever they ran out. Slowly but surely, through positive word-of-mouth recommendations and even TV features, many people started believing in the bowl of goodness that we serve.  

Since then, as Goto Believe expanded to other locations, we remain as a place where anyone can experience their own Goto Heaven on Earth. The dream of the four Santiago siblings to create a legacy of serving the best tasting Goto not only in the country BUT in the whole world is now set on course to reality. 

For the rainy nights and warm days, for the dry goto and wet goto—and even during pandemic timestill putok batok do us part. Because here in Goto Believe, everyone is encouraged to YOLO, party and have a feast even on a single bowl. Just by doing that, you also become an instant member of our growing “Believers” family. (Yes, even if you’re ma-Chicharot or si ChaPUCHIT ka pa, mahal ka namin)


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